Oculoplastic Services

At Bay Eye Care, we are pleased to offer a variety of Oculoplastic Services to help treat your eyes both medically and aesthetically. Oculoplastic procedures combine the precision of ophthalmology and the reconstructive knowledge of a plastic surgeon. We offer a wide variety of oculoplastic procedures to patients in the areas of Bay City, West Branch, and Midland, Michigan to best suit your eye care needs!


Despite our best efforts, body chemistry, genetics, and aging catch up to us. Blepharoplasty is an oculoplastic procedure also known as an eye lift, which can work to correct sagging of the eyelids and remove excess fat, skin, and muscle. When the procedure is finished, your eyelids remain at the same height, but excesses have been removed.

Blepharoplasty can be used for purely aesthetic reasons, or to correct a condition called dermatochalasis, which occurs when eyelid skin develops laxity. This laxity allows the upper eyelid skin to sag and become cosmetically unappealing. Eventually the eyelid skin can become redundant to the point of blocking the superior visual field. If you are interested in learning more about blepharoplasty set up a consulation today. With one procudedure, you can look and feel better, and retore your vision!

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis repair is different than blepharoplasty because it actually changes the height of the eyelid, instead of just removing excesses. Ptosis repair is done by creating an incision in the eyelid crease, through which your surgeon will tighten the levator muscle and reattach it to your tarsal plate using temporary sutures. It may take several weeks to heal completely from the procedure, and blurred vision is a common side effect of ptosis repair. For more information on what options are best for the treatment of your ptosis, schedule a consultation today!

Lateral Tarsal Strip

The lateral tarsal strip procedure is commonly used to correct malposition of the lower eyelid; this is done by shortening the lower lid at the lateral canthal end (where the upper and lower lids meet at the outer end). Lateral tarsal strips are most commonly used in the surgical treatment of involutional entropion. Involutional entropion is characterized by horizontal and vertical lid laxity, lower lid retractor weakness, and orbicularis oculi exposure. In other words, the lower lid can turn inwards, outwards, or expose the muscle beneath it. If you are experiencing discomfort due to irregularities of the lower lid, schedule an appointment today to see if lateral tarsal strips may be right for you!

Lesion Removal & Removal of Skin Cancers

At Bay Eye Care, we are able to assist in the removal of “lumps and bumps” (lesions) around the eye, whether benign or malignant. Most lesions can be easily removed in their entirety using excision (surgical removal). Your surgeon will remove the lesion, and then perform reconstruction using closure, flaps, or grafts.