How can Botox Therapy at Bay Eye Care help you?

At Bay Eye Care, we are happy to provide Botox services to the Bay City, West Branch, and Midland, Michigan areas. Our Botox services go beyond cosmetic; we are able to help you treat conditions like blepharospasm, migraine headaches, excess sweating, and more!

Botox for Blepharospasm:

What is blepharospasm?
Blepharospasm is a condition that causes involuntary blinking, narrowing, or closing of the eyelids, a result of uncontrolled muscle spasms around the eye. The onset of blepharospasm is typically gradual, characterized by discomfort surrounding the eye, sensitivity to light, dry eye, and more.

How can Botox help?
Believe it or not, Botox has been used in the treatment of Blepharospasm for over 25 years! Botox is injected into the muscles surrounding the eye, and works to stop the transmission of signals from the nerves that tell them to contract. In some cases, patients can see a difference in as little as three days! Treatment can be administered when the effects wear off, no sooner than once every three months.

If you are seeking relief from blepharospasm in Michigan, contact Bay Eye Care today!

Botox for the Treatment of Migraine Headaches:

Can Botox Really Help your Migraine Headaches? Botox was approved for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches in adults in the year 2010. Administered at intervals of about twenty-four weeks, Botox is injected around the head and neck. Your doctor will follow specified doses in recommended areas proven to reduce the occurrence of migraine headaches. It is important to commit to two sessions of Botox medication, as results are typically seen after the first twenty-four week period.

To see how Botox may be able to reduce your headache days, increase your quality of life, and prevent migraines and their miserable side-effects, contact Bay Eye Care today!

Botox to Treat Hyperhidrosis:

What does ‘hyperhidrosis’ mean? Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excess sweating that occurs beyond what is necessary to regulate body temperature. At Bay Eye Care, we are able to help treat hyperhidrosis of the palms, feet, or armpits by the use of Botox Therapy!

How does Botox Therapy Work for Hyperhidrosis?

If clinical antiperspirants fail in preventing excessive sweating, Botox may be able to prevent excessive sweating! Botox is administered into the skin, and temporarily blocks chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands, thus reducing the volume of sweat produced. Patients will typically see results lasting up to seven months! Contact Bay Eye Care today to see if Botox can help you end your hyperhidrosis!

Cosmetic Botox:

Look and feel your best! At Bay Eye Care, we offer cosmetic Botox services to help reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet in adults! Botox is the only approved treatment for this purpose, and millions of people have chosen to use Botox to improve the way they look and feel.

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Botox to Treat Facial Spasms:

Many adults experience facial spasms, or spasms that are characterized by an involuntary twitch or spasm of one or both sides of the face. Botox works in treating muscle spasms by blocking neural impulses in the injected area; muscles then relax as a result of the injection, and spasms will no longer occur.
Do you experience uncontrollable facial spasms? Contact Bay Eye Care today to see how Botox can help.